Palmolive coupons

Palmolive Coupons – April 2014

There are some print coupons and some Target text coupons out this month. Get the details below. – To get this coupon, click on the picture below. This will open up where the coupon has already been clipped for you. From there, you just have to hit the red Print button to get […]

Palmolive Target Text Coupons – March 2014

There are no printable coupons for Palmolive products this month, so for most of us, the only chance to save on this dish soap will be to look for a good sale. However, if you have a Target store in your area then you’ll be able to save on Palmolive with some text/mobile coupons. The […]

Palmolive Target Mobile Coupon – February 2014

Yes, the headline of this post should indicate a sad reality of Palmolive coupons in February – there are NO printables available. Despite this, I was able to find a mobile coupon – simply text and the coupon will be sent to you. The coupon is only redeemable at Target. So if you don’t have […]

Palmolive Coupons – October 2013

There is an amazing way to save on Palmolive this month, via an e-coupon that is available 15 different stores! The coupon is part of a promotion called Pick Up the Values., and when you buy 5 of select Kimberly Clark items you’ll save $5. This electronic coupon is available at the following stores: Kroger […]

Palmolive Coupons – September 2013

There is a new printable Palmolive coupon out this month, but it is a Rite Aid store coupon – redeemable only at Rite Aid stores. To try to help even more people save, I also found an Ibotta mobile coupon. Since Ibotta works at Rite Aid too, you can even combine these coupons for extra […]

Palmolive Coupons – July 2013

This month, regarding Palmolive coupons, I have good news and bad news. The good news is that Kroger shoppers have a special coupon, and there is a new printable coupon out on that everyone can print and use! The bad news is that there IS a size restriction on the printable. It is […]

Palmolive Coupons – April 2013

Palmolive is promoting their new product Soft Touch with printable coupons this month. Although you’ll find two printable coupons located below, one is good for any size, whereas the other coupon is restricted to 25oz or larger. In addition to these printables, I wanted to remind you about two insert coupons that will expire in […]

Palmolive Coupon – January 2013

Don’t you just love the fresh scents and colors of Palmolive products? The way these products fight tough grease and stuck on food? The way the soap makes your hands soft after doing the dreaded chore of washing the dishes? I do, which is why I’m glad to report that I found a new Palmolive […]

Palmolive Coupons – December 2012

Palmolive has an impressive range of products. Were you only familiar with Palmolive Original? Check out all the great liquid dish soap products they carry: Original Antibacterial Dish and Sponge Fresh Sensorial Oxy Power Degreaser Pure + Clear Baby Soft Touch Fresh Infusions Wow! And this month I found a coupon for Fresh Infusions, Fresh […]

Palmolive Coupons – November

Washing the dishes is the MOST dreaded chore in our house! And guess who normally get’s that pleasure? You’re talking to her right HERE! Somehow it seems a little more bearable with good dish soap. I like a soap that smells nice and makes my hands feel soft when I’m done. There are a couple […]