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Silk Coupon – August 2013

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For August there is one new Silk coupon AND a great Silk deal on Saving Star. The coupon is simple – print it and then redeem it at any store that accepts printable coupons. The Saving Star deal is a little more complicated, so let me explain it.


About Saving Star

Saving Star is an online electronic coupon website, available at:


When you sign up you see what stores in your area are participating. Common stores include Kroger, Jewel-Osco, CVS, and Peapod, but there may be others in your area too. For each store you add your store rewards card to Saving Star in order to link your account.

Then you browse through the coupons to see what you like. In addition to regular coupons (like save $0.50 on one) they have “One or Many” deals where when you buy $X amount of a specific product you’ll get $X back. In order to reach the goal amount, you can buy things in one or many shopping trips.

Anything you clip electronically on the Saving Star website gets automatically associated with any reward cards that you added. When you make the purchase in the store, Saving Star will know! You won’t get your savings automatically at the checkout that day, but typically in 3-5 days your savings will show up in your Saving Star account. When you reach at least $5 you can cash out, using a bank deposit, PayPal or Amazon.


The Silk Saving Star Deal

Right now on their website, Saving Star has a ‘One or Many’ deal where you will receive $5 if you buy $15 worth of Silk products. After you’ve signed up (using the instructions above) browse the e-coupons and you’ll find the deal. Click the “I Want This” button and then make your purchases at any store that you have a linked card with. You can make your $15 purchase in one shopping trip or many trips – but you have to reach the $15 by August 31 to claim your $5 reward. Since this reward meets the $5 minimum requirement, you can cash out right away.

To get this deal, go to:


Silk Printable Coupon

There is also a printable coupon available on the Silk Facebook page. With it you’ll save $1 on Fruit and Protein.


To get your coupon go to:

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